4 Ways to Watch the Aaron Swartz Documentary

Filmmaker Brian Knappenberger’s crowndfunded film on Aaron Swartz is released. This documentary was crowndfunded on Kickstarter and promised us to show more about Swartz’s life, tragic suicide and the truth behind ‘The Internet’s Own Boy‘. This movie focusses more about the Internet and the challenges everyone in this society faces to keep it free and open....
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Watch Apple’s WWDC 2014 Event Live

Apple’s annual WorldWide Developer Conference ( WWDC ) starts today. This 5-day conference is held annually where Apple showcases new Software and technologies they have been working on. This is not just an event for Apple to show the roadmap they have been following and will follow but also an event for developers to get...
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Desktop Screen Recording Guide

Recording of your screen or any moving image on your computer screen is referred to as screen recording. Screen recording can be referred to as screen casting, screen capture, snap shot or even session screen recording. But everything really means the same thing. It’s either capturing a set of images or moving image or...
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