Opera password Sync

Opera can now Sync your passwords across computers

The latest version of Opera’s desktop version can now sync your login details you have signed up to make them available on any Opera browser you choose to sign in to. This was one missing feature Opera lacked as compared to its competition. Firefox and


Skype 6.0 Brings New Design to iOS And Android

Skype is rolling out a new update to their iOS & Android version. The Skype 6.0 update will be a complete redesign from the last iteration. Microsoft calls this update ‘nature and intuitive’, the new redesign would make the app more streamline and add a

Closeup of Virus Alert Sign in Internet Browser on LCD Screen

The Best Free Antivirus for Windows

Windows 10 releases on July 29th and comes with bunch of new features and tons of new options which we have already covered. Unlike the previous version, Windows 10 has changed a lot from its predecessor. Touted as ‘The Best Windows yet‘, Microsoft has worked