Internet.org Is Now Available To 106M Users in India

With Internet.org, Facebook pledged to give basic mobile internet services for free to everyone on the planet. This sounds very ambitious and very difficult but Facebook is taking steps to make this possible. Earlier launched in Zambia, Kenya, Ghana and Colombia. Facebook is now concentrating

VLC logo high res

VLC For Android Is Finally Out of Beta

Video LAN Client ( VLC ) player is one the most popular video players for desktops. About two years ago they launched the Beta version for Android which a notorious warning that using the beta build might kill your kitten and destroy your house. But

New Google Sheets

Google Sheets Lets You Add Mini Charts in Individual Cells

Google Drive recently updated Google Sheets and added a feature which lets you add small/mini chats in any cell. These look really nice and fit in our traditional cell size. These miniature charts or sparklines can added using the new SPARKLINE function. Adding them is

biztalk server training

Learn BizTalk from Expert Instructors

QuickLearn, the Seattle based company that developed the Microsoft Official Curriculum for BizTalk Server, offers BizTalk 2013 training for developers, administrators, and experts on an ongoing basis. More than 70 classes are planned for next year. The developer and administrator immersion and deep dive courses