Apture : Highway to Rich Content On Any Blog

We are now using Apture , a nifty tool which gives our readers the power to search and explore rich content without leaving the current page/blog. You may have noticed, all the hyperlinks, the tweets are now layered on this page itself. Yes, you don’t have to leave the page if you want to know about anything we mentioned in any of our posts.

This is a simple service, which gives the ability to layer all the content  from around the web into a small pop up box which can be access with just one click. Many a times you want to know about something which you read on this blog, you feel you need to read some stuff about it on Wikipedia and then continue reading, doing that means opening another tab/window and searching for that and then you might return back to read the rest of the post. Well Apture changes everything, you no more have to leave the page/blog  to read any small info you need to know, all can be done here itself.

This post is just to inform you and tell you how to use Apture on our blog or rather any blog which has installed Apture on it.

Single Click on the Hyperlinks
This is very simple, just clicking on the small icon besides any of the hyperlinked content gives you all the info you want right on this page.  This opens in a small rectangular box which has all the apturized content . So its like, the general link is transformed into a super link which has all the apturized content and is displayed in Apture’s dynamic Javascript-based window.

Highlighting any Content

The most useful of all. Many a times it happens that the post lacks loads of info of things which you think should have been included in the blog post. But we bloggers tend of skip the data which is already present on knowledge hubs like Wikipedia. But that doesn’t mean you should be knowing it already. Here is where Apture helps a lot. Just highlighting any content gives you an option to search for it. Apture automatically chooses the releavnt phrase and searches for it and gives you apturized content. The sources of Apturized cotent varies as per the term you are searching, the most relevant things which actually matter and you get in the Apture window are from the best possible sources like Wikipedia, Twitter and even videos from YouTube.

Check these demos

That’s all I could tell you for now, its fun just to keep scrolling in one blog post and highlighting some random text and understanding the most in any blog post.

For more info do visit Apture.
Also do check the interview of Tristan Harris, founder of Apture

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  1. Anjelica says:

    It is usually hard to find knowledgeable individuals with this issue, but you seem like you understand exactly what you are posting on! Appreciate it

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