Dropbox for iOS can now download full-resolution images

Dropbox has released an update for their iOS app. The obvious update is the support for the taller iPhone 5 screen and the major update is the ability to download photos to their devices in full resolution, without downscaling the photo to a iOS resolution.

Dropbox iPhoneImage via TheNextWeb.com

What’s New in Version 1.5.6

– Support for the iPhone 5
– Full-size photos used when printing and saving to the camera roll
– Bug fixes and improved support for iOS 6

This means, photos would retain their quality and resolution no matter how big the image is. Even though the photos are still being compressed and the image actual size is reduced but it still retains the full resolution and quality.Even though this update is good it would increase the download time of photos and thus eat a lot of bandwidth compared to what it used to do earlier.

via Dropbox for iOS

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