11 thoughts on “The Best Tools to Help you Delete Your Facebook Activity”

  1. mrk says:

    what to do if facebook have stopped unsecure browsing??

    absterge or the other do not seem to be working?

  2. Amory says:

    same issue mrk. don’t think it’ll work without being able to disable secure browsing 🙁

  3. shahbz says:

    http://facebook.com/login is not working

  4. Seamus says:

    There is no longer an option to disable secure browsing.

  5. James says:

    So is this the real reason they disabled secure browsing? Has Absterge updated this yet? So frustrating.

  6. paulography says:

    Doesn’t seem possible to download Asterge anymore.

  7. Leonardo Peralta says:

    it doesn’t work ar all

  8. toothpaste says:

    why the heck would i download my data when i want to delete the damn thing

  9. TFTB.NET says:

    The tools exist to delete the data from your profile which is online for everyone and facebok to view.
    Your data maybe of some use to you in future, the backup is for the same purpose.

  10. asdsa says:

    una mierda no anda!

  11. walt says:

    Absterge has stopped working, time line cleaner stopped working, I’m using Firefox and It did well for a while , then either FB locked me out or my puter is locked out. Now what?

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