2008 Whats in the box


2007 year was a quite good for technological advances now comes 2008 lets see whats most talked about things for 2008 which are more in demand than anything else.

  • Most awaited for all Windows users is Windows XP Service Pack 3.[XP SP3]. Microsoft is all ready with its beta version just waiting for the final version to launch. But as the world has evolved with Windows XP and moved over to Windows Vista this release is more concerned with some visual updates and some security patches.

  • Not only XP is getting is getting a add-on Windows Vista is also waiting for SP1 soon to be launched with some boost in Vista performance and DX 10.1.

  • Windows to soon launch Windows Home Server to manage home network and will make it really convenient and easy for Home network users to manage computers.

  • Processors will see a good boost, as 2008 will be a streamline to launch different Quad Core processors as AMD and Intel both are ready to release Phenom X4 processor and Core 2 Extreme quad core with 12MB cache respectively. As seen earlier Intel Core2Duo can be over clocked to some scaling heights its really unfair to state AMD is a tough competitor .Phenom would be much more good than Athlon but as don’t know whether it will act as a catalyst in this war or not.

  • High end motherboards with multi GPU motherboard will soon be released and nVidia will have their 780i and 790i and Intel will release their x48 chipset. But testing have stated that the 780i have problems with Intel’s new processors and x48 isn’t good in performance as hyped.

  • Memory will see the number 3 as the lucky strike by launching the DDR3 as the high end memory. DDR2 and DDR memory have almost be selling at same rates and present market shows that Intel as well as all leading motherboard manufacturers have kept their hand behind DDR2 so it won’t be hard for a better upgrade.

  • Storage being the new enemy of 2007, the solid state drives has reached 1TB and hope this year will cross another 500GBs and touch 1.50TB.Their will be good advancement is Hybrid drives and optical media will see a good rise due to Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, if the prices for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray readers will lapse a little.

  • 2007 saw a some really good graphic cards with the launch of 8800 GTS and GTX late 2007 launch of 8800 GT which sits between GTS and GTX their isn’t seem to be much left of the 8 series of Graphic Cards. The new GTS is presumed to be the best in the lot

  • AMD had also recently released their cards, the HD 3850 and HD 3870. These fall in at the top of ATI’s line with the HD 3850 falling a little low than the HD2900XT in tests. These new cards are the first on the market with DX10.1.Hope to see more of DX 10.1 graphic cards this year.

  • Lookout for USB 3.0 this year as a better successor for age old USB as it makes its way to in the second half of 2008. The performance will be around 5Mb/s, about 10 times the speed of USB 2.0. USB 3.0 will be backwards compatible with existing USB devices. Say bye-bye to cords when this hits the mainstream. USB 3.0 will have its work cut out for it; eSATA is catching on quickly,is just as easy to connect, and fast too.

Looking at gadgets Sooner or later Apple to launch a second version of iPhone which would have more functionality and a little cheaper.


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