Anonymous Searching

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Casual internet users don’t think before they hit Enter after they type any query in the search box .But techies do think, and keep on pondering whether the keyword they search are being tracked and whether their search habits are being spy ed and analyzed for some malware soon to create. But for people who think this way has got a solution. introduced a feature called AskEraser which does the job for all that thinking. AskEraser works in a very simple and easy manner .It can be explained in one simple term “Whatever you search gets wiped and erased and deleted as soon as you close the browser”.

AskEraser can be easily activated and used by clicking a link on the upper right corner of the Ask Homepage and. Enabling it will wipe all the history and cookies from the servers and user computer. The working is very simple , creates a reverse cookie in the user’s computer as soon as AskEraser feature is enabled. This reverse cookie creates a entry for not storing any information from the website. As cookies aren’t created, there isn’t any history created in the servers. Its effect will remain till the user uses the same browser and doesn’t delete the cookies. But if the user does delete cookies everytime it closes it browser then the user will have to enable AskEraser feature every time the user wants some privacy from

Still its not very clear how much deep this feature might work as it doesn’t state anything about the cookies saved by advertisers. But sure enough if such service keep on emerging privacy can be retained for each and every user on this InternetSphere.


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