Starting A Blog


People usually jumble up things when asked about blogging. So many things more easy, here are some basic steps which can help you start off with blogging.

  1. Choosing a Blogging Platform: There are several blogging platforms, but I recommend WordPress.Other platforms include Blogger,Typepad and some more independent Platforms.I would suggest for your ease of use try all and decide which one suits your bill.

  2. I recommend rather than using the free blogging services take a decent hosting like Lunar Pages , buy a good domain and point it towards your blog.

  3. Once you have got your blog started and going, choose a good topic to blog on and stick to it. Make sure the domain you use is of related to the topic you choose. Choosing themes for your blogs is very important step because themes can be broad as my theme it can extent it boundaries making it easy for me to blog. But I still prefer staying glued to the niche I chose.

  4. If you are completely new to blogging and don’t have any good experience in writing up stuff, then the best way is to start of with reference blogging ,this means you start off posting articles of other blogs keeping in mind the blogging ethics and copyright policies. This will eventually make it easier for you to write interesting stuff later .

  5. Write what interests you not thinking what readers would expect you to write. If you write with a mindset of thinking what readers think you will eventually get bored of blogging and your blog will eventually end up as a dust.

  6. The best starting off way to get readers is to comment on other blogs and link other bloggers. You can use Technorati for this. As they will come to read what you commented and if they like what you say you might get some really good response.

  7. Make sure you get some support from friends, if you write something really interesting stuff ,go share with your friends ,email them. No don’t SPAM but mail them and ask them to give you some genuine feedback about your blog.

  8. Do create a “Contact Us” page on your blog, this makes easier for readers to send some really genuine feedback and also comment on your blog posts.

  9. The most exhilarating thing for a blogger is having readers, make sure you have RSS feed enabled in your blogging software. Make sure it is enabled and is clearly make visible to readers.

  10. Also create an “About” page and give your readers some information about yourself and the blog. Or you can even stay anonymous like me .;D

These simple steps can help you in blogging. So enjoy blogging and Good Luck.


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