Summon The Demon Inside You With ‘Demon Cam’ App

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The App might not be as exciting as it sounds, but its shocking to see someone could go this far to and make such a brilliant promo video to promote their simple iPhone App.

Lets just watch the video and then talk

Surely after watching this video, you won’t hesitate to buy this $0.99 App.

Demon Cam, is a very simple iPhone App. You need to record a video of yourself with a scary expression, a small 5-10 sec video should be fine. The automatic face tracking would track your face, adjust it properly and choose a graphically appealing ( disturbing ) demon. The video would process and render as a HD video which at a point turn your face into the chosen demon.

The promo video does the perfect job of demonstrating the App.

About the Promo Video

Andrew Kramer is known for this amazing Motion Graphics & VFX tutorials. Seems like this App went viral because of his fame he has gained over years in his field. As of now the video has more than 100,000 views and seems to be passed around everywhere. The app seems to be based on Demon Face Wrap tutorial, but the all this happens automatically in your iPhone. If you are interested to know more about the video, stay tuned. The site would be updated with behind the scenes and loads of other stuff about the making of that video.


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