Start using Windows 8 Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is here

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Highly anticipated Microsoft’s product, Windows 8 Release Preview is now available for everyone to download. This new version is near-final version and includes almost everything the final product should and would. Microsoft had promised the release of the Release Preview by mid of June, but seems like they are ahead of that goal.

Windows 8 Logo
This release is more like a vision towards the future of Windows on desktop computers as well as tablets users. The new version of Windows has a redefine user-interface and a very intuitive navigation scheme. For touch-screen monitors this would act like a hybrid of desktop computers and a big tablet.

As its just out, there are no reviews available but we are sure this would be a huge improvement over the last release. The thing which you should lookout for are the Metro style apps which are going to be the future of Windows apps. The Developer Preview had very basic apps and was the preliminary release for developers to look into and develop apps based on the new Metro UI. This release should have Metro style apps as well as some other third-party apps which had been in news.

Download the Windows 8 Release Preview via the installer which determines the exact ISO file your computer needs or if you understand what ISO is and which version suits you well, head over the ISO image download page.

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