How to Get a Refund from the App Store

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Apple’s iTunes App Store sales policy clearly says that you cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund. But they do realize, at times refund should be given for some genuine reasons. So there is a way to do so, its a few steps long but for a crappy app you bought you might want to do this.

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Check down below and follow the exact procedure, this process would take not more than   to get you a refund.

Step 1 : Open iTunes and Login your App Store account. Once logged in, click on the ‘Account’ tab of your iTunes Account. Its in the top right corner, a small drop down arrow just besides your iTunes Account username.

iTunes  > Account

Step 2 : Scroll down and reach to the ‘Purchase History’ area, and click on ‘See All’

iTunes > Account > Purchsae History

Step 3 : The Purchase history will show you all your recent purchases in a nice long list, browse along and reach to the listing for the App for which you want a refund. At the bottom of the list you would find a ‘Report Problem’ button, Click on it.

Step 4 : Select the App and Click on the ‘Report a Problem’ button right in front of that app. This would take you to a page which will ask you for your problem. Make sure you choose a valid reason and explain your issue why you are asking for a refund. Or you can always choose ‘I inadvertently purchased this application’ and explain them that.

Usually you get a reply in the next 48hours, and if they find your case genuine they would probably reverse your charges.

We request all our readers not to abuse this, and make sure you ask for refunds only if you have issue with the app or genuinely have a reason to ask for a refund. Developers work very hard and pay alot of money to make these great apps, they need something back from you for the work they do.



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