Get the Best Deal Coupons on Your Order during Checkout

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We had introduced you earlier with a way to get the best deal on your online shopping. The tool PriceBlink was a way to find the best deal on any particular item you like. But once you find the best deal, you reach the checkout page and have a section to enter the coupon/promo code for further discount. Now a days it difficult to find coupons for a particular website you are buying online, if you google for a discount coupon you end up in a clutter of search results which have either expired coupon codes or very low discount coupon codes.

Coupons at Checkout

To solve that problem and give you the best possible coupon code on your shopping, Coupon Follow has decided to integrate their coupon code data into a your checkout page. This way you are guaranteed the best coupon code for your online shopping cart.

Coupon Follow has introduced ‘Coupons at Checkout’, a very simple and easy to use plugin for your browser. The browser plug-in automatically shows you the best coupon codes at the checkout page.

All you have to do is install the extension and visit any online store. When you fill your cart and reach the checkout page, look for the the section where you enter the coupon/promo code. By clicking in this section, you see many coupon options because of the installed extension. You can apply whichever coupon code you want to get the best possible on your checkout.

Worried About Privacy?

CouponFollow claims that they do collect data but only from the checkout pages when your buy anything. This of course is to show you relevant coupons if certain items on certain site have a specific coupon code. Apart from that the browser extension doesn’t collect or save any information of your browsing activities.

The Coupons at Checkout extension only gathers following information

  • eCommerce webpage url ( checkout page )
  • Referring webpage url
  • Technical data like your current IP address ( mostly for location based specific coupon codes if any )

The Extension FREE and is available for Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari. Install it right away


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