PSA : Posterous is Shutting Down, Backup Your Posterous Data

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Last year Twitter acquired Posterous. They happily joined the team and after a year, they announced that Posterous will turn off the website, its service and mobile apps from April 30th to focus 100% on Twitter.

This means all your posts on Posterous will be gone. They are not only removing the platform for users but also all the Posterous spaces ( blog ) created by users would no longer be available to view. If you one of those who uses Posterous Spaces and still didn’t know about this news, don’t worry you still have time to save your posts or switch over to some other blogging platform. We will tell you how.

backup your Posterous space

The simplest and the most convenient way to backup your Posterous data is request a backup which will collect all your posts in HTML, along with photos and videos you uploaded on Posterous and give you an exclusive way to download it and then switch to a different platform.


1. Go to
2. Click ‘Request Backup’ of your Space next to your Posterous Space name. When your backup is ready, you’ll receive an email.
3. Follow the link or just go back to and download the .zip file.

This .zip file contains all your data you uploaded or save on Posterous. The file is a collection of all your posts in HTML, along with photos and videos uploaded by you on Posterous.


Now that you have your data with you, you can switch to any other blogging platform to keep blogging as you did on Posterous. The most famous and close to Posterous services are WordPress, Squarespace and Tumblr.  Migrating to them is quite easy.
These services have provided guide to users on how to make a smooth transition.

WordPress – They have a very simple, upload your exported data method to switch. But they do not handle your video or mp3 from your Posterous spaces. They have restriction on the images too. So read the guide carefully before uploading your data there.

Squarespace – They have a step-by-step guide on how to import your Posterous blog to Squarespace and even a guide to configure it easily. They also help you to change the site look and feel with some cool features which are exclusively provided by them.

Tumblr – This probably is the easiest tool to migrate to Tumblr. Just point them to your Posterous Space link, and they will do the rest.

I hope you have an easy ride and enjoy other platforms as much as you did like Spaces by Posterous. To be frank, apart from simplicity Posterous Spaces didn’t really have anything unique. You’ll be glad to move on to these blogging platforms which are feature rich and extensive wherever it’s needed.

Please note, the service will shut down today i.e. 30th April 2013 but you can still request for backups till 31st May 2013.

So from tomorrow, your Space will neither be viewable or editable but the backup tool would be accessible till 31st May 2013. Make sure you get your data from there soon.


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