How Experiential Marketing could help you Gain Loyal Customers


I am going to tell you small secret about Viral videos, all the smart viral videos which you see spreading through social media like wildfire are actually part of a very elaborate Experiential Marketing campaign. Yes, they are strategically planned ones even the ones which look like a live event video which went viral ( eg. National Geographic Augmented Reality video ). They all are part of  a marketing campaign which has one goal : Immerse customers in  live experience with your products and services, making them feel and experience your product and services in a very personal way.

CocaCola Hug Machine - Experiential Marketing

What is Experiential Marketing ?

Experiential Marketing is part of relationship marketing. The motto being Relationship Marketing is to develop customer relationship with the product. For a successful relationship marketing campaign it is important to understand that every user is considered a customer. Customer retention and satisfaction is the priority here, it’s more important to make sure those priorities are fulfilled than making sales in this campaign. With social media on rise this has become much easier. Customers share their experience and want to tell about any product or service they are using or have used. Most of the product satisfaction, response, review and feedback come through social media.
Experiential marketing is part of the similar strategy. Experiential Marketing programs allow consumers to be part of the marketing campaign, unknowingly the consumers are the ones who run such campaigns. These campaigns not just spread the brand name to a bigger audience but also leave a very memorable experience with the consumer, thus having a high chance of making them a loyal customer. Most of the well planned campaigns end up being a very positive change for the brand, the consumer ends up seeing the brand in much more brighter and happier times.

Experiential Marketing was considered to be a very bad method of capturing audience. White hat marketers used to say it’s a desperate marketing strategy to play with customers’ emotions. You do not manipulate a customer’s emotion to make them buy your product or use your service out of sheer emotional choice. The idea behind a good marketing campaign is, to make your customer feel they chose your product / service themselves. If choosing that was what made them happy, using it would make them happy and a long-lasting customer. With emotionally attached marketing the choice more or less becomes emotional and loyalty is lost as the user might or might not stick with the product for long as the choice was emotional more than rational.
But with the rise of social media local, online and on mobile, the perception has shifted a lot. It is very amusing to see how Experiential Marketing drives more traction to your product than any other campaign. Experiential Marketing could be considered one of the most successful campaign to reach a larger audience. Social media has a unique view at such campaigns, they are usually the most shared stories of for few days which is enough to pull a lot of audience to your brand.

How Experiential Marketing works?

Most of the Experiential Marketing campaigns are event based with consumer participation. Building a successful Experiential Marketing campaign is easy the most difficult part is executing it well, the more organized the event is, the positive the response. Consumers like to see products and brands in control of their marketing but still giving them enough control over their interaction with the product. It’s important to understand how a customer feels and thinks when running such marketing campaigns, once you have a thorough study of these factors, it gets much easier to steer the customer to a direction that will relate the product to the consumer at a personal level making the purchasing decision either on impulse or a sudden necessity.

We see most of the Experiential Marketing campaigns in Europe and NA, where brands are utilizing the social media response they get via their customers on twitter, Facebook, foursquare, yelp and other social media sites. Experiential Marketing London, Europe and other NA marketing firms are on the top of this. They build some very unique and memorable campaigns, have a look at few. These might give you some idea of how well these ads are and how they personally affect your perception towards the brand.

Some Popular Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Coca cola ran a very emotional Experiential Marketing campaign, the idea was very simple. They placed a Coca-Cola vending machine in public with ‘Hug Me’ written on it, once someone hugs it, they get a free Coca-Cola. It went viral and was very well appreciated and love by consumers. They not only made Coca-Cola lovers drool over it but the ones who didn’t like probably hugged the machine for a free coke and enjoyed it.

Coca-Cola has many similar campaigns, they actively have such marketing videos and live events which bring a smile to their customer’s face.

ASICS is a sport shoe manufacturer, they ran a campaign in which they created video wall that depicted a long distance runner Ryan Hall sprinting at marathon speed across the tunnel in NYC’s subway station. It allows passer-by to get in position and then see how they did while racing against the athlete(Ryan).

Here are some more to give you a clear idea how Experiential Marketing work for various brands

Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic

Spanair – Unexpected Luggage

Volkswagen Marco Polo

Experiential Marketing is a mixture of various factors, a well-designed and orchestrated campaign, with social media responses, encouraging users to participate either online or offline, interactive demos, banners, posters, websites and even visually appealing print ads help together building a very solid campaign. Making a connection quickly and seamlessly with the present consumer as well as the potential consumers can attract a lot of business and loyalty of consumers.


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