Firefox 50 : Performance Upgrade, Emojis & New Features

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Mozilla is reaching a milestone number of 50 with the new release update for Firefox. Firefox 50’s last update was delayed by a week to fix some crucial bugs and add some performance upgrades to improve the startup time.


Mozilla Firefox 50

The new and last major update of 2016 for the browser is now rolling out to users on Windows, Linux, and OS X macOS. This also means Beta users will get the Firefox version 51, Developer Edition as version 52 and Firefox Nightly builds will be bumped up to Firefox version 53. Confused? Read about the various Firefox update channels for normal to advanced users.

The reason this is an important update is related to the delay. The delay was to fix a bug which caused massive startup delays when lot of add-ons are being used by a user. This was fixed and a couple of new features were added to Firefox 50.

Some important features added the new Firefox 50 are, the support for emojis even if the OS doesn’t support them, on-page find functionality has been massively improved and¬†cycling between tabs has become easy; with ctrl + tab you can cycle through tabs in recently used order instead of the regular ascending to descending order of opened tabs and added security warnings while downloading massive executable files.

Mozilla has officially announced and released Firefox 50 on November 15, 2016. Make sure you update your browsers to enjoy the new features and better performance.

Source : 50.0 Firefox Release - November 15, 2016


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