Bitcasa Shuts Down Unlimited Plans

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Bitcasa has upgraded its infrastructure and wants every user ( Free, Premium and Pro users ) to upgrade and migrate to the new system.


The migration process for users has already started ( 22nd October 2014 ) and will end by November 15, 2014. Beyond that no Bitcasa account will be migrated. This means if you don’t migrate to the new system you data will be DELETED after November 16,2014.

This is of course a free upgrade as Bitcasa has upgraded their infrastructure for better performance and tight encryption. This means Bitcasa will not be changed for you but in the backend on what keeps Bitcasa running has changed/upgraded to make it work better.

New Bitcasa Plans
New Bitcasa Plans


This also means Bitcasa’s spearhead ‘unlimited’ storage period is over. Infinite plans which were termed ‘unlimited’ will now be transferred to a 1TB Premium plan or 10TB Pro plan after migration. This move is based on Bitcasa’s study of their users. Engineers at Bitcasa found that only about 0.5% of accounts required more than 1TB of storage and less than 0.1% require more than 10TB. So to serve all the Bitcasa users well, they have shut down their ‘infinite’ plans. This move is also a step towards putting a stop to storage abusers which proved to a fatal thing for the brand as infinite plans were abused badly.

Old Bitcasa Plans
Old Bitcasa Plans

The migration process is simple and is been laid out to you once you log in. For Infinite users, you would need to upgrade to a new plan. A simple guide to walk you through the process is also provided by Bitcasa.

bitcasa-new-freeFree users will have some problem adjusting to this new change, Free Plan has been reduced from 20GB to 5GB.
In any case, if you are a Bitcasa user you need to upgrade to the new system otherwise you will lose your data.


You have between October 22, 2014 and November 15, 2014 to migrate your data. All accounts and data not transferred to the new system will be deleted on November 16, 2014.


For free Bitcasa users if you are looking for cloud storage services which provide you more than 5GB of free storage, there are a few options for you. OneDrive has recently bumped up its free storage to 15GB  it now also supports syncing files as big as 10GB. This means you can upload your HD videos directly to OneDrive without worrying about any syncing issue.

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