Connect Instagram To Dropbox


Instagram is a brilliant app which allows you to share some nostalgic moments in various moods. Since its launch it always been doing really well with the number of users which grew at an amazing rate.

With the release of Instagram real-time API developers made some brilliant apps which clearly showed how far an App could go just beyond an App Store.

One of the most useful and simple app is Instadrop, what it basically does is, connects your Instagram account to your Dropbox. Once connected it would automatically push the photos you take and share on Instagram into your Dropbox account. All this happening in real-time!

Getting started is simple.

Go to Instadrop  > Connect your Instagram Account > Authenticate Access.

And you are good to go 🙂

And if you want all your old Instagram photos on dropbox just use instaport to get all of them and upload it in the same dropbox folder.


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