Drained battery won’t charge again? Try “Stack Charging”

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Galaxy Note 8 users are reporting that they couldn’t turn ON nor charge their device if they accidentally drain their batteries. No matter how long they keep their device plugged in. People have kept it on charge for couple of hours but it won’t charge the device at all not via the wall charger officially provided by Samsung.

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Thankfully this issue isn’t a device or battery problem as such so if you are affected by this and still in warranty you can get warranty replacement device easily. But if you are out of warranty don’t worry this isn’t a defective device or battery issue. This happens because of the newer power management system added to the battery to prevent any fire as demonstrated by earlier Samsung flagship device — the battery needs to have some energy left to help it kickstart the charging control if it can’t start the charging control it won’t charge the device for safety reasons.

Now this sort of thing isn’t new, most batteries even when they die have some juice left in them. This trickle-power is required to start the battery charging process. So the battery really is never empty but the power management circuitry is designed in a such a way that little power is left in it for the battery to be recharged again. Many devices in past from various OEMs had this type of power management issue when it comes to a drained out battery. So if you are not a Note 8 user or a Samsung user but your battery has drained completely and it won’t turn on or charged despite trying for few hours then you can try Stack Charging before running to your service center.

Stack charging is a very simple method in which you typically plug your charger cable in the device for 15-20 seconds then unplug for 30 seconds and repeat this process for 10-20minutes. This typically should generate enough energy to get your phone start charging again. Always charge your device with the official wall charger or a Qualcomm certified charger.

If you are wondering why not try wireless charging instead? Most wireless chargers are slow wireless chargers so they emit very low power which might not help jump starting the charging control. If you have a fast wireless charger then you might try that way first but stack charging is much more reliable with a a good fast wall charger.


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