Five Amazing Tools to Increase Your Productivity Levels

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It’s pretty easy to understand that in these modern times most people feel like they have so much to do, but very little time to accomplish anything. This is probably so because with the ever-growing presence of technology in our lives, we are over saturated with content, and in this endless sea of information we desire to soak in as much as we can, but that often leaves us with almost no time for ourselves. In order to achieve great things, a person really has to concentrate on the task in hand, and that can be quite complicated when there are so many things that distract us.

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One other thing that correlates with this is the old saying that free time is the biggest luxury there is, which means that all the money and success doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have time to enjoy life. So the answer to this productivity issue consists of two main parts, the first one is being able to focus on the task in hand without constantly interrupting yourself with unnecessary distractions, and the other is finding a way to perform specific tasks as quickly, or in the best way you possibly can.

Being how the first part is utterly individual, we will place our attention on the second component, and that is finding good ways to perform specific tasks or actions. We will unveil a couple of great tools for you today, that can speed up the process and help you out when it really matters.

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  1. Doodle is a free scheduling tool that can really simplify your process of finding available time for meetings, and the best part is if your friends or colleagues also have this tool then it becomes insanely easy to figure out what time suits everyone. It automatically syncs with the calendar on your computer/device, so you don’t have to worry about constantly switching between those two.
    online photo editing tool
  2. BeFunky offers professional free online photo editing service, and its features cover many different options, ranging from their custom Cartoonizer, to pop-art and oil painting effects, to more classical editing options like adding graphics, skin retouching, cropping and all the other usuals. Possibly the best aspect of BeFunky lies is its interface simplicity, which allows novice users to have fantastic results with no previous experience whatsoever.
    convert pdfs to excel
  3. Free PDF to Excel Converter is an online conversion tool that transforms non editable PDF files back to their native state. Excel is one of the most used business file formats worldwide, and the PDFs are perfect for sending files between computers and other devices, because using them ensures that the document will be received perfectly. With this tool you’ll be able to convert the read-only PDF back to Excel, and make all the necessary changes to it in no time.productivity tools
  4. Do is a tool for self-organizing with whom you can easily view and navigate through all the important information about your meetings and the people you have to meet. A very nice and useful section of this software is called “Do Insight”, which allows you to monitor all the aspects like time, money and energy, and gives personalized advice on how to manage specific parts of your business. It has a two week free trial period, and after that it costs 10 dollars a month.
    use wetransfer to send files easily
  5. WeTransfer is transfer tool that specializes in big files; the free version allows you to upload 2GB at a time, while the premium account grants 20GB files. The free version also doesn’t require any registration, and there are also numerous really beautiful backgrounds on the WeTranfer website, which are created by different fantastic graphic designers that collaborated with the company, making the entire user-experience quite wonderful.

This is all we have prepared for you right now, all you have to do now is figure out which of these tools fits best, and make your day a bit easier, and happier at the same time.


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