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Most of us use Dropbox everyday, from saving files to access on multiple devices or computers to quickly share a screenshot. Some are even using it as a backup service, with the camera upload feature being introduced by dropbox few years ago everyone is using their Dropbox account in the most efficient way possible. The free dropbox space provided is 2GB which is good to being with but not enough.

free dropbox space

There are several cloud services out there and as seen recently they are not as lucrative as they used to be. Bitcasa stepped back from Unlimited cloud storage to 1TB and so did Outlook citing abuse by many users. Dropbox has been very consistent throughout, without any issues whatsoever. Not only does it provide an excellent & stable app to use but also has never shut down any feature so far – basically Dropbox is one of the most versatile but really consistent cloud storage service out there.

Since you are reading this article, either you are new to Dropbox or are about to max out your free dropbox space and are looking to get more of the free dropbox space you can get. Don’t worry by the end of this article you will amass a minimum of 4.5GB and maximum of 23GB of extra free dropbox space with just a few clicks.


This is the easiest of all the tasks. All you need to do is head over to the Getting Started page and do these 5 tasks to get 750MB of free Dropbox Space forever.

free dropbox space

Complete the Get Started Guide of Dropbox to get 250MB – This involves take 7 mini tasks out of which you need to finish at least five to get 250MB for free. It involves the following

Connect your Facebook account for 125MB of free dropbox space
Connect your Twitter account for 125MB of free dropbox space
Follow @Drobpox on Twitter for 125MB of free dropbox space
Send a small feedback on why you love Dropbox for 125MB of free dropbox space


free dropbox space

Last year Dropbox acquired Mailbox, which is a very innovative mail app for available for free to download on iOS and Android. Download Mailbox app and sign in with Dropbox account to get 1GB of free dropbox space forever. You do not need to use the app or keep it forever. Once you get the bonus storage space you can stop using it and even uninstall it if you don’t like it, you still will have your bonus storage for life.

Dropbox is shutting down Mailbox App on February 26th 2016, but the free space you gain will not be lost. It stays in your account even after Mailbox App is shut down.


free dropbox space

Share your unique link ( generate here ) with your friends and you will get an 500MB of free dropbox space for each friend who joins Dropbox. This can be done for 32 of your friends to get 16GB of free dropbox space for life.


free dropbox space

Dropbox used to give extra free space for anyone using their ‘Camera Upload’ feature, this bonus is now added to Carousel. Carousel is a new gallery App from Dropbox to store and manage all your photos and videos. This is a Free app. All you need to do is install the app on iOS or Android and verify your dropbox email. You will be instantly given the bonus space of 3GB.If you had used Camera upload before this bonus won’t be valid for you but if you hadn’t got the full bonus back then, installing Carousel will get you the bonus now.

Dropbox is shutting down Carousel App on March 31st 2016. But don’t worry the free space you gain from Carousel or camera upload feature stays in your account even if the Carousel is shut down.


free dropbox space

Kingsoft’s WPS Office recently added integrated Dropbox with their office suite and started a promotion for users to Download the app on Android and sign up for Dropbox to receive 8GB of extra free space for three months. All you need to do is download the Kingsoft WPS Office app on Android, sign up for Dropbox from within the App complete the mini tasks mentioned above (in this post) and you will get 8GB of bonus free space for 3 months. For now this promo is only available for Android users but soon will be available to iOS users.
Note : This offer is only for new registrations and not old users.

The WPS Office + Dropbox promotion is valid and can be redeemed by February 12,2017.


free dropbox space


Samsung, Sony & HTC have given almost 50GB of free dropbox space for new devices. If your own one of those devices with that promotion you will have Dropbox pre-installed on your device. If you do, read about the Samsung promotion or HTC Promotion or Sony Promotion if claim your free storage space. This storage space is valid for certain period of time (usually 2 years).
When your promotional deal expires, your Dropbox limit will automatically return to 2 GB plus any additional space you’ve earned through referrals or other bonuses. If you’re over your limit after expiration, you’ll no longer be able to save new photos, videos, and docs to Dropbox.


free dropbox space

HP and Acer Dropbox promotion was brief, unheard and often missed. If you’ve purchased Acer tablets this year after May 2015, you are eligible for some free storage. Read the Acer Dropbox Promotion to see if you are eligible.
Similarly, if you own a HP Device bought before Oct 2015 you are eligible for 23GB of free dropbox space. Read the HP Dropbox Promotion to see if you are eligible.


free drobox space

Dropobx used to have annual challenges which were easy to solve or cheat and get the bonus storage space. One of those was the Dropquest which almost gave 15GB of free Storage. Dropquest 2011 and Dropquest 2012 were the only two in past, we hope they announce it this year too.

Dropbox Great Space Race was a challenge for universities and colleges to participate. It gave more than 25GB of free space per person.

Dropbox CampusCup ended on December 14th 2015, which gave participants to earn up to 25GB per person for two years (January 2018). It allowed students, faculty and staff members of eligible universities to invite people and perform certain tasks to earn points which in turn were rewarded as free space in your dropbox account.

These are usually announced on the Dropbox blog so keep an eye for those or bookmark this page and follow us on Twitter as this page will be updated with all the challenges dropbox puts forward for free dropbox storage.


free dropbox space

Besides all the space, if you still need more storage space and don’t have the time or patience to wait for more promotions. You can always choose to buy Dropbox Pro for $9.99/month. It gives you 1TB of storage space.

This page will be updated with all the promotions Dropbox announces in the future so make sure you are subscribed to this post and sign up to our weekly newsletter and stay always updated. Additionally, be kind and give us a follow on Twitter

1TB isn’t enough?
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  • Changes in the Carousel & Mailbox App promotion
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