Google to hit Wikipedia hard with KNOL

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The Internet Gaint Google Inc. has laid its hand over building an online encyclopedia which can give Wikipedia a hard hit. Google has created an online encyclopedia name KNOL which originally derives from the word knowledge.

Google KNOL

KNOL can be easily differentiated from any other online encyclopedia by its special emphasis on the author driven pages which can are created by authors on that topic though It can be edited by users and are free to contribute while creating similar knols on the same topic by members of same community with comments,questions and discussions regarding the same but the more credential are given to the expert author who has good knowledge about in the same field than to the user. Google promises to have no control over the material generated by Knol users.

Google will also seek permission from authors whether to use advertisements for their knols and it also promises to share the earned revenue. Although this could be a good step as it won’t create any complications later as in the case of YouTube. Google also stated that these pages will be available to all search engines but its still not very clearly stated what rank it will have compared to other relevant results in organic search. If this isn’t clear it could create very big set back for other wiki sites/online encyclopedia websites as all the search terms which provide results of wiki websites will have search results of KNOL as Google is undoubtedly the only leader and preferred search engine beside other competitors.


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