Microsoft's answer to upset Windows Vista users


Soon after Microsoft announced it delayed release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, there was a sudden upset from Vista users. Microsoft immediately responded to this wide disappointment and released a beta Windows Vista Service Pack Release To Manufacture(RTM) which can be downloaded by all Vista beta testers through Windows Update.

This Service Pack in available in few languages and can be downloaded through Windows Update once they follow a simple procedure.They are supposed to provide a feedback after their through use. For volume license based users its a boon as Microsoft is providing them with this Service Pack.The x86 and x64 DVD images of Windows Vista with SP1 slipstreamed are now available to customers with volume licensing agreements.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for Volume Licenses.

This service pack is available for both Windows x86 as well as x64 versions.It would have been really easy for all the tester if Microsoft had provided a easy link to download the Service Pack instead of Windows Update.Maybe this could be the first step taken by Microsoft to avoid piracy.


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