New worms this year hit the Valentine Day

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News of 2 new worms which target lovers all over the world with one worm working as a email with the subject “I love you so much”,”Inside My Heart” and such love lines to make netizens open a mail which directs them to a link and make them download a “e-greeting” which is nothing but a malicious code.

These new worms name Valentine.E and Nuwar.OL have striked the word St.Valentines to hit the target.Amongst which Nuwar.OL follows the e-mail sending trait with loveable subjects while Valentine.E does the similar function but with subject lines like “Find True Love Here”,”Searching for True Love” and has a attached file “friends4u”.

Once the worm enters the user computer it multiplies like other worms and also creates a desktop which looks similar to the infected’s desktop.And further sends e-mails to other users from the infected computer.

These such type of attacks are increasing now on the Internet ,So it is an advise to all not to download attachments from unknown sources and not even to click links which look suspicious and aren’t from known senders.If you want to still visit the link don’t click on the link through the e-mail rather type it on the address bar of your browser and then visit.Because mostly links in e-mails are forwarded to the website having malicious code and unknowingly you visit the site which you haven’t clicked.

Lastly, get a decent working Internet Security System Installed in your computer and make sure you update is regularly so that you can stay away from the old as well as new malicious strains.


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