Nextbit Releases Android 7.0 Nougat Beta For Robin

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Nextbit has announced the Android 7.0 Nougat update for Robin. This is a closed beta for Robin users who had applied for the being a Beta tester. You still can join it.

Nextbit Robin Nougat

Announced and released first as Kickstarter campaign, Nextbit quickly gained traction and love for being one of the successful Kickstarter products on tha platform. Not only they had great people working on it, they also had this unique perspective about how storage can be handled by pushing things to the cloud as and when necessary automatically while still keep everything on the device without eating up your local storage.

Nougat for Robin brings another surprise with it – more help from the community. When we say “our dev team,” that now includes members of Paranoid Android. We have joined forces to bring you a faster, less power-hungry OS. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together so far, and this cooperation will continue. Stay on the lookout – Robin is going to get even better.

The Nextbit team had been working with the Paranoid Android team for quite sometime now and along with giving them devices they also have helped them a lot to develop Paranoid Android’s version for Robin.
The Nextbit team  have had a working Android N for the NextbitOS quite sometime but the build wasn’t stable nor finished. So they worked with the PA team to make it much more stable and improve its performance on Nougat. The Nextbit team in return helped PA develop their Android N ROM for Robin. And this collaboration led to a quick release of the beta version.

The Android 7.0 Nougat beta update is still a 7.0 and not the latest 7.1 and has a lot of kinks which won’t hamper your daily usage. Nextbit is aware of this and has already listed them as known issues on their community page. Even though it’s fairly stable, if you want to use it you should expect bugs and minor issues as it isn’t yet a final build.

The beta update is about 1GB(1010.8 MB) and comes with a bold warning for modded users. So if you have modded your phone in any way, it is NOT recommended that you update your phone. Also this being a 7.0 update, it still is on the August 2016 security patch.

Just a reminder, this doesn’t include the promised battery update for Robin. That might have taken a step back as at the time of release Android N wasn’t announced nor released to public. So there is a chance the battery update might have taken a step back in their update timeline. The smart battery update is supposed to be an intelligent way to give you more out of you battery just like smart storage is in the Robin.

If you are Robin user, you still can and you should fill the application to be a beta tester here.
If this intrigues you and you want to buy this device which is usually at a very reasonable price (yes, cheaper than flagship killers) you can grab it on Amazon at a very discounted price.

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