How to Opt Out of Personalized Ads

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Ads are necessary for free internet but 30% of Internet users say the find traditional display ads distracting and intolerable. In fact Ad blocking grew by 41% globally. This is bad for free internet, most websites (including ours) provide you with free valuable information and most of our revenue is from digital advertising. Now Ad block doesn’t help but it turns out people use ad blocking because most of them find online ads very creepy as they tend to stalk you(user) around the internet with personalized ads you as a visitor hadn’t asked for.

opt out of personalized internet ads

So what if we help you getting ads which aren’t personalized to you, most personalized ads depend on you recent searches on Google but by blocking personalized ads you will be shown ads which aren’t related to your searches and are non-personalized to you. This way you can still support the sites you love and yet not get creepy-personalized ads from advertisers.

This post will help you block most of the online trackers from tracking you which means most of the settings needs to be done by being logged in to your Google or Facebook or Microsoft account. Blocking from mobile ads requires another step of opting out from the device too.



opt out personalized google ads

Go to your Google My Account Page > Ad Settings > Manage Ads Settings > Turn OFF the Ads Personalization.
This will bring a popup to confirm your action and explains more about ads personalization. Make sure you click Turn it OFF to remove all personalization settings for ads. This will not affect your Google account or any Google services you use. So don’t worry and just turn it OFF.

Google provides an extension to install for your browser which helps you stay opted out of these trackers.

Install for Chrome

Install for Firefox

Install for IE

Unfortunately, these extensions by Google haven’t been updated for long time so we cannot tell you if they still work to do what they are supposed to. The add-on for Firefox will not work as its not made for the latest Firefox version.

how opt out of all the personalized google ads

But wait we aren’t done yet, at the bottom of the page you will find a block that says ‘OPT OUT OF MORE ADS‘ click on it and it will take you to a new page which helps you block ads from all other advertising platforms Google has partnered with to serve ads all over the Internet.

This page will run a few checks and scan all the trackers which were served to you, after a few minutes it will list you 100s of trackers and let your choose which ones to opt-out of. This also includes the mobile ads by adroll so by doing this you also can opt-out of adroll ads. If you really want to get rid of all personalized ads its better to choose all and opt-out of all of them. Fair warning, the whole process on this AdChoices page will take more a few tries to successfully opt-out of them all. The test itself doesn’t always run properly on the first try and once the list is compiled you might see the end result saying you were opt-out of only a few trackers and rest you need to try again.

out out of adchoices ads
Don’t get discouraged by this and lose patience. Be patient and try again and eventually you will be able to opt-out of most. At the end you cannot opt-out of all the trackers as some are saved in your active cookies and sessions but to remedy this DAA provides an extension to install for your browser which helps you stay opted out of these trackers and save these settings even if your settings and cookies are cleared.

Install for Chrome

Install for Firefox

Install for IE

Guide to install for IE

Unlike the ones provided by Google, these are very well updated.
At the time of writing, the last update for these extensions was 8 days ago.


how to opt out of personalized android ads

Go to Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of “Ads Personalisation“.
Turn it ON, by default it is turn OFF and every Android device participates in for personalized ads.

There is another option on the same page to choose for Google Ads but that we did in the above step from desktop. If you want you can double check and check that page but it will take you to the same ad personalization page we covered in the previous step.


how to opt out of personalized iphone ads

Settings > Privacy >Advertising > Turn on Limit Ad Tracking

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Turn off Location-based Apple Ads


facebook ad preferences

Facebook is a very personal space, you follow your friends, people, celebrity, some news sites and most importantly you also follow your interests & brands which makes its easy for Facebook to build a profile around you which they sell it to advertisers to target ads which feel very personal to you.

Read our detailed guide on Facebook Privacy here

To get rid of all the personalized ads go to the Ad Preferences page here and delete all the listed interests and tun off all the ads preferences based on websites you visit while logged in, apps you connect to facebook, and other social actions.


If you are Windows 10 user you are also being fed with some personalized ads by Microsoft. These are via your Microsoft Account, your Bing preferences and your Windows 10 System.


how to opt out of microsoft ads

These ads are not only limited to Windows 10 users but if you use any of the Microsoft services the ads by Microsoft are being personalized and served to you.

To remove all the personalization, first lets do it from your Microsoft Account.
Click here and login to your Microsoft Account  and adjust the settings which are in three categories viz. in browser, in Microsoft Account and in Windows.
You can turn all three of them OFF to remove any personalisation.


opt out of windows 10 ads personalized

Windows 10 ads are handled separately as they serve you mostly Microsoft Store related ads based on your desktop usage. So open Windows 10 Settings > Privacy > General
Turn OFF the option to let apps use your advertising ID for experience across apps.


opt out of yahoo ads

Not the biggest ad network yet you will encounter yahoo ads sometime. To opt out of ad tracking on Yahoo!, go to Yahoo! Ad Interest Manager here.
In the ‘Your Advertising Choices‘ Section you can click Opt Out from ‘Across the web‘ and ‘On Yahoo‘.


opt out of personalized twitter ads

Click here to the to Personalization and Data page.

Make sure the follow are kept unchecked

  • Personalize Ads
  • Personalized based on your apps
  • Personalize based on the places you’ve been
  • Track where you see Twitter content across the web
  • Share data through select partnerships

That’s it! Now all the ads you should see is the generic ads related to the content or the app you are in. There should not be any personalized ads targeting you. The only problem is this is all good until your clear your browser cache or change the browser or switch a new system. Doing any of it might remove some of the saved settings so I would recommend you to save this page as a bookmark and come back to it every few months to make sure you opt-out of all personalized ads once a while. We will also update this page with all the other ad platforms opt-out page to make sure you privacy is in your hands.


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