Top IFTTT Recipes of 2013 to Automate Some Daily Tasks

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IFTTT ( If This, Then That) is a very simple but very effective tool to get simple daily or repetitive tasks done automatically.
We already have seen how we can use IFTTT to Connect Instagram and Google+ and there are tons of other recipes which are really helpful to do the same.

what is ifttt

IFTTT has rounded up its top recipes of 2013 which are popular among its users. It isn’t really surprising to see Facebook and Twitter related recipe to be in the top but its still fun to see how much creative people have become to use some recipes which are really very helpful and productive.


Top Recipe - Facebook Link to Tweet

Top Recipe - Feedly Article to Read it Later

Top Recipe - Recommend Recipe to Email


Top Recipe - If it Rains Change Color to Blue

Top Recipe - Track Your Sleep in Google Spreadsheet

Top Recipe - Use Siri to Turn Lights On & Off

topiosrecipes-banner Top iOS Recipe - Email me new iPhone Photos

Top iOS Recipe - Backup Email Contact to Google Spreadsheet

Top iOS Recipe - Save iOS Photos to Dropbox

topteam-banner Top Recipe - DM someone when you nearly reach home or any location you want

Top Recipe - Popular NYT Technology Article in Email

Top Recipe - Checkin at Salon / Barber to create a reminder for new appt. in one month

If you are creative and like to play along IFTTT do login and check out and start making recipes.
And if you’ve any personal favourites? Share with us.


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