Vista SP1 to mark its debut on 4 Feb


Microsoft Inc. has finally announced the release of Windows Vista SP1 on 4 Feb, which means a hell lot of security patches and bug fixes. And sure enough some patches to fight “piracy” their own way.

Microsoft claims Windows Vista SP1 would just have security updates, hotfixes and to enhance the overall quality of the operating system. This time Microsoft will test this Service Pack with the help of their Technology Adaption Program(TAP). Which would include some normal users who will give a good feedback about this pack. The Service pack 1 will be offered by Microsoft Update, Windows Update and Windows Server Update Services.

Windows VistaAlong with the Vista’s first ever Service Pack, Windows is also getting ready with its Windows Server 2008 which would surely be much better and stable than the older Windows Server OS.

Hopefully this service pack do some real good job for PCs which have low configurations and still want to run Vista on their Desktops. This step might bring in some more sales for Microsoft and eventually make it a good update. This patch will also include the more rigorous Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) piracy check and tweak Vista a little bit which might make it more secure.

Update to the Vista Service Pack 1 release.


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